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Meet our Founder

Lynn Crean O'Callaghan

With over sixteen years of immersive experience in the recruitment industry, Lynn Crean O’Callaghan stands as a seasoned professional dedicated to elevating client talent acquisition. Lynn has navigated diverse roles, contributing her expertise to renowned companies such as Chase Portland and Salt. Her journey began with the establishment of Role Recruit in 2017, and today, she co-founds Fast Forward. Lynn and her dynamic team consistently surpass expectations, diligently enhancing recruitment and retention for a wide array of clients.

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Why us

Recruit for any role

Utilising our proprietary methodology, we excel in recruiting for diverse positions within the Future Tech landscape. Our proactive global headhunting approach, devoid of traditional advertising, ensures the seamless filling of gaps in your current team. We unravel the unique narrative of your brand, effectively communicating it to candidates actively seeking what you offer.

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Experienced expertise and guidance

Boasting over two decades of proficiency in Digital & IT Executive Recruitment, Resource Planning and Employment Law - Fast Forward provides the seasoned expertise necessary to propel your team to new heights. Leveraging cutting-edge tools with real-time insights, we grant you access to a pool of top-tier candidates.

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Predictive AI profiling tools for expert matching

At Fast Forward, we employ predictive tools to gain insights from your current employees' DISC, Enneagram, and Personality profile, enabling us to reverse-match potential new candidates. This ensures an accurate alignment of skills and cultural fit, fostering sustained productivity for your brand.


Select exclusive partnerships for enhanced value

Our distinguished clientele ensures a commitment to exclusivity, eliminating conflicts of interest and guaranteeing long-term talent support. Fast Forward becomes your ultimate partner for recruitment and retention.


Long-term strategies for your success

We prioritise our clients' success by maintaining continuous contact for two years, effectively minimising attrition in the long run. Collaborating with you, we address backfilling, skill shortages, and immediate gap-plugging. Whether you're an existing or prospective client, our commitment extends to talent headhunting and inter-client candidate movement, ensuring your evolving needs are consistently met.


We're part of the Recruitment Entrepreneur portfolio

With the backing of our investors, Recruitment Entrepreneur, we have the resources and strategic guidance to establish ourselves as the market leader in the Future Technologies talent.

This valuable partnership allows us to leverage extensive industry knowledge, global networks, and best practices to provide unparalleled service to our clients and candidates.


Global as well as local know-how

Fast Forward benefits from local expertise through our partnership with Tribe, an innovative New Zealand-owned recruitment agency established in 2014, with the ethos of culture first and leaving no stone unturned within the search process across temp, perm and contract recruitment in NZ.

Their support services, access to expertise and technical resources enable Fast Forward to provide specialised and scalable recruitment services to our clients and candidates.

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